Customer comments「BIJOU series and Others」

My favorite pattern!

Thank you for wonderful comments!
Now you got all BIJOU series, Stole, Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings, of Misty.Lavender which is one of my favorite color as well.
Enjoy spring fashion with BIJOU series:)

We have a plan to make New color and design of it.
Coming soon!


Very cute. Can't wait to wear them in Summer.

This made by Technic of Needlelace/Igne Oya which is the most difficult OYA in Turkey.
Igne OYA has long history but now it has problem that now much ladies can made it. It is AYTURK's purpose to continue OYA culture in the future.






BIJOU earrings are made by the request from the customer who loved BIJOU necklace. AYTURK's collection are some time made by customers idea.
Your requests would be very welcome and important for us.

Thank you and enjoy it!




Nice winter collection!



Yes, it's designed for Winter, image of winter gardens in the Europe;)
But I believe that Gray and Aqua blue would be elegant with Summer fashion as well, would be cool!

Thank you and enjoy it!