Customer's comments「Pashmia and Chiffon shawls DAISY」




Thank you for wonderful comment!!
We are appreciated much about your supporting advice.
Honestly it is not easy to take pictures, which should be beautiful and show actual so we are still learning to be better.

DAISY motif is one of difficult motif in our variation.
Round shaped petal and ball at the center are difficult, so even in our member, only one can make this motif cutely.

Enjoy winter fashion with DAISY :)

Thank you. 






Based textile is synthesis chiffon, made in BURSA which is famous for high quality textile in Turkey.
It is very smooth and soft, even thin but also strong. Also there are plenty color variation.

The color IRIS is my favorite, elegant color so that DAISY was made in one color only, WHITE.
Simple is best, isn't it?

Wish our DAISY will blight up your day.
Thank you.